Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why does it take us so long to CHANGE?

Why is it so hard for us to adapt to change? I have asked myself this question for many years now, on many different topics, like why did it take me so long to realize that I had to quit smoking or I was going to reap the awful after affects of it? Why do we over eat? Why do we eat lots of fast food, or unhealthy food, with all the information we have blasting us in the face everyday?
 I will tell you why, we think we are the only one that is going to be exempt from the side effects, its the invinsible effect. I could literally sit in a hospital room with my ex-husbands mom dying of lung cancer, and this after watching her pack a oxygen tank for years, stop every two steps to get her breath even with the tank. There I sat in the ice cold hospital room with 3 blankets wrapped around me, just my mouth exposed, and you could see my breathe it was so friggin cold in her room, she was lying in a hospital bed in a little hospital gown, with nothing more than a sheet over her. She could not breath unless it was ice cold in there.
      I along with 3 of her boys and 2 of her girls would take turns sitting with her, no response except for the gasping for air, and hit her with a shot of Morphine every 6 minutes because she had asked us to just keep her out of pain, she said she didn't want to be aware, and she didn't want to be in pain and aware that she was smothering to death.
In the face of that extreme, we would crawl out from under those blankets and go out and smoke!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
but we would, and then stand there and talk among ourselves and say we have to quit smoking thats all there is to it, we just have to quit or we are going to end up in that shape. Now if seeing that degree of human suffering, and all the degradation that came with her family having to do everything for her, I remember her son, having to get her out of the bed and sit her on the potty before she stopped responding, she was so embarrassed, she said my sons have never seen above my knees until now.....totally and completely sad. I kept smoking, didn't make an attempt to quit, why? I thought I was somehow exempt from the natural law that says abuse your body and there will be side effects of that abuse, that's how everyone rationalizes doing something that they know to be wrong, its a ways of desensitizing themselves so that they don't have to think about the approaching consequences.
     At some point and time I had to realize that I was no different than the thousands of people that have suffered with lung disease's and lung cancer, if I continue to smoke, I will most certainly suffer the consequences. What made me finally realize that I didn't have a magic potion that was going to keep me from getting cancer from smoking? My children, I think having children makes alot of people realize their mortality, you start thinking.....I have to be around for these children, no one is going to love these children like I do, no one is going to provide for my babies the way I do. That's when you start thinking of all the things your doing that may just take you out of this world early, and you start trying to change things, for one I don't want to posion my children with the second hand smoke, so I have no choice but to find a way to quit, bad habits, unhealthy eating, once you have children that look at you with totally trusting eyes, to always protect them, to feed them, to love them, your mind goes into over time, out of sheer love for your child.
     In the same way that I want to change all of my bad habits to stay around as long as I can for my children, I started hearing and paying attention to the hazards of household cleaning and personal products that we use, I found out that the makers of these cleaners and personal products are not required to list all the ingredients on their labels, and the ones that they are convently leaving off are often the toxic ones, the cancer causing ingredients, there are three types toxins:Carcinogens – Carcinogens cause cancer and/or promote cancer’s growth.

2. Endocrine disruptors – Endocrine disruptors mimic human hormones, confusing the body with false signals. Exposure to endocrine disruptors can lead to numerous health concerns including reproductive, developmental, growth and behavior problems. Endocrine disruptors have been linked to reduced fertility, premature puberty, miscarriage, menstrual problems, challenged immune systems, abnormal prostate size, ADHD, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and certain cancers.

3. Neurotoxins – Neurotoxins affect neurons and brain activity, causing a range of problems from headaches to loss of intellect.

for a complete list of the ingredients in household cleaners and personal products go here:
The Healthy House Institute – The Healthy Home, Green Home, Green Living, Indoor Air and Energy Saving Resource
I have gotten rid of all store products in my home, I have a business where I help families make their homes safe, these products are safe,green,highly effective, and natural, I have been using them for over a year, I love everything that I have ordered from this wellness company, I tell everyone that will listen about the toxins in household products, I have a great Web Cast that gives you all the information you need to make an educated decision about changing over to these safe products, if its a fit for you, there's no pressure, no obligation, I truely do this from a stand point of trying to better people's lifes, and create longer life's for families that I know feel the same way I do about staying around for our children. There are many who are absolutely pissed off mad like I was when I first found out that these company giants that were making the products that I trusted around my family, were intentionally leaving dangerous ingredients off the labels, I saw it as a breech of trust, a slap in the face that said I don't care if your children get cancer as long as we make our money off the cheapest possible ingredients we can put in our products! They will never get another dime from me, they were playing with my children's life for the love of money! I also have seen that much like I was with smoking and unhealthy habits, some people try to block the bad thoughts from their minds, we are so afraid of change that we would actually continue to use products that are harmful to everyone in our households, because we have always used Tide, or Dove, or Johnsons baby wash. People we have to wake up, no one is going to protect your family but you, we have to make a change, we have to demand that these company's either make a safe product(not that I would ever trust them again) or demand at the least that they list ALL INGREDIENTS on the labels. Change is hard, but usually with change comes betterment, and it has been an improvement in my home, I no longer worry about toxins, I feel secure using the products I order online from this wellness company, but I acutally save money now, I don't have to waste gas to go and get household and personal products anymore, they are delivered right to my door just two days after placing my monthly order, change is good, and I can stay at home with my children while making a extra stream of income with this company. I cannot think of anything else a company could offer you to make the safe and green changes we all need to make.I bet if you go into Wal-Mart and ask for a check for refering your friend to shop there, that they will laugh you out of the store, quit throwing your money at the people that are bringing toxins into your home, contact me and I will give you all the information you need to make a decision for yourself if my store is the best place for you to shop from now on, and if you would like to stay at home and earn a great income I can give you the information about that also, I promise you won't regret taking a few minutes out of your day to become a informed parent, knowledge is power.
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do this for your family, do this for yourself!
This is the best thing that ever happened to me and frankly I love working in my pj's!! lol!!!